Sheryl Schultz

Co-Founder and President


Sheryl Schultz is currently the co-founder and President of CabinetM, a management and discovery platform that helps enterprise marketing organizations increase efficiency and performance, and reduce their marketing spend, by planning and managing the technology they use, while finding the technology they need.  CabinetM supports the drive toward digital transformation.

Also a Managing Director at Golden Seeds, a network of angels that provides early stage and growth capital to women led businesses. Sheryl served for two years as Golden Seeds’ Boston Forum Co-Leader (2009 – 2011). She is an expert in startup company dynamics, with a deep understanding of the marketing and organizational challenges faced by early stage businesses. She has spent over 30 years working with startups as a marketer, board advisor, mentor, and investor. Sheryl is a Board Director at The Capital Network and served as a Pipeline Fellowship Mentor for the Pipeline Angel’s inaugural Boston class.  She is a regular speaker on issues related to fundraising, startup marketing, and female entrepreneurship.

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