How Can We Expand Access to Capital for Startups that Are “Outside the Box”?

Core Session Friday | 9–10:15 am | MECA - ICA

Leveling the Playing Field

When the odds of attaining traditional venture capital investment seem stacked against you, where can you look to get the funding your startup so desperately needs?  For founders of companies run by women, minorities, or located in places other than Silicon Valley, New York, Boston and other major metropolises, the challenges are many.  Panelists will highlight initiatives being undertaken by groups in “traditional” sources of private capital (e.g., venture capital, angel investment), discuss how crowdfunding is changing the approach to investment, and cover specialized funds for female and minority entrepreneurs.  This panel will help entrepreneurs make better sense of how your startup can gain funding and thrive, and will help investors attending the conference learn about initiatives underway to increase access to capital for more startups.

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