Guide to Resources for Maine Entrepreneurs


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This guide is a starting point for entrepreneurs seeking resources in the state of Maine. It is also designed to help individuals and organizations that support and guide entrepreneurs and startups and are looking for ways to match resources with those in need. The following categories of resources are included:

• Training, Technical Assistance & Mentoring
• Financing & Capital
• Libraries
• Networking & Advocacy
• State & Regional Economic Development
• Conferences & Events

The Maine Small Business Guide, published by the Small Business Administration (SBA), is another valuable resource for entrepreneurs and startups. It provides resources for all small businesses, including success stories, how-tos, and additional industry-specific resources.

In addition to the listed organizations, there are local and regional chambers of commerce and libraries throughout Maine that provide a wealth of information relevant to entrepreneurship. Most of Maine’s colleges and universities also have programs relating to entrepreneurship. Check their respective websites for more information and updates.

As of 2019, this guide is produced in partnership with Startup Maine. Both an organization and an annual flagship conference, Startup Maine has evolved out of a group of doers, founders, and community members coming together in 2014. It provides cutting-edge content, opportunities for applied learning, and the potential for plenty of collaborative collisions.

If you have edits, additions, or ideas, please email me at or Startup Maine’s Katie Shorey at You are welcome to share the guide as a resource on your website.

We wish you the very best with your endeavors and hope the resources assembled here assist you in your company’s growth. We are grateful to all of the organizations that support entrepreneurship in Maine and hope that this guide helps you “connect the dots.” Onwards!


Click here to download the resource guide!