Charlie Emmons

FAME Director of Commercial Lending – Emeritus

Finance Authority of Maine (FAME)

For the past 16 years, Charlie Emmons has been responsible for the oversight of FAME’s portfolio of existing customers as well as the development of new customers. In that time, he’s worked closely with a dedicated & talented team of loan officers, managing and developing FAME’s relationships with borrowers, lending partners, state agencies, and other interest groups, in an effort to support Maine businesses and grow the number of good-paying jobs for Maine people.

FAME has programs that can help companies in all phases of the business life cycle, from startup with the Maine Seed Capital Tax Credit program, to early-stage/commercialization with loans through the FAME Direct Loan program, and through later-stage development with FAME’s Commercial Loan Insurance program. Since 1983, FAME has provided in excess of $2 billion in loans and equity capital and has helped create and/or retain 100,000 jobs.

Prior to working for FAME, Charlie spent 33 years in banking (mostly commercial) for the Bank of America and its predecessors in Baltimore, Maryland. He lives in Yarmouth with his wife, and their three children, five grandchildren, and five granddogs all live in the area.

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