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Cindy Thompson

Founder & President


As a teenager in Indianapolis, Cindy did poorly in modeling school: she preferred decorating shows to walking the runway, and often ditched class to haunt the library across the street, where she “discovered” Picasso.
After graduating with a B.F.A. from Colorado State, she taught high school art in Boston for eight years. Cindy then returned to school and completed an M.F.A. in sculpture at the Museum School, Boston. Her graduate show consisted of performance art, using fabric sculptures inhabited by herself and her partner. She has been a visiting artist at Arizona State and a teacher at Haystack Mountain School of Crafts in Maine.
For the past thirty years, building Transformit has taken much of her time, but she has managed in the meantime to raise a family, found a high school, serve on the governor’s Creative Economy Steering Committee, and earn numerous international awards for her artistic and business achievements.

From a recent art commission entry:
“I am a sculptor. My chosen medium is fabric held in tension.
I discovered tension fabric when I was a grad student at the Museum School. I was searching for ways to transform entire environments, and to give my audience an immersive experience. My graduate show was a performance art project, the Museum School’s first-ever performance art graduate show.
After completing my degree, I continued with art installations at outdoor sites and in galleries, and with temporary art installations for festivals and events. When these projects grew too large and complex to complete on my own, I gathered a team of artistic makers, designers and installers, and Transformit was born.
Just as a bronze sculptor relies on her casting foundry, I rely on the fabric foundry at Transformit to engineer, fabricate and install my projects, with artistry and attention to detail. Over time, architects, designers, producers and adventurous owners have come to rely on Transformit as well: our people care about the art in our work, and it shows.”

Transformit’s Mission:
Our premise is that art benefits artists, viewers, and communities alike.
Our purpose is to bring art to large numbers of people, for the the benefit of all.
Our core values are community, collaboration, and creativity.
Our business is to conceive, design, engineer, fabricate and install artful environmental elements made of fabric in tension, for customers who value beauty, craftsmanship, and originality.
Our objectives are sustainable growth for the company, financial security and personal satisfaction for the employees, a good return for the stakeholders, fair dealing with suppliers, and complete customer satisfaction.

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