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David A. Capotosto

Designer - Consultant - Entrepreneur


David A. Capotosto is an entrepreneur and seasoned business executive. His extensive experience in business comes from 30 years of active involvement with start-up, growing and mature businesses. His experience in design, engineering, manufacturing and operations is wide and deep.

In 2016, DAC3D was founded. DAC3D is staffed with design and polymer engineers and helps clients to move their product ideas from conceptualization to full-scale production. The company executes this through a process of design and development, always with an eye towards scale-appropriate, cost-effective production. Internal processes include CAD, 3D Printing and casting technology.

David knows what it takes to get a project from an idea to a smooth-running operation. He knows what it takes to start, maintain and grow a business. His experience in manufacturing is comprehensive from the factory floor to the board room. His focus on “simplicity” is a continuing ingredient in all his work. From the design of complex automated machinery to the intricacies of business management, the search for clear and simple solutions is a driving philosophy.

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