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Hari Palani

Founder and President

UNAR labs

Dr. Hari Palani is the Founder and President of UNAR labs, LLC.

He founded UNAR labs in October’2017 with a mission is to empower people with visual-impairments by providing dynamic access to digital information and graphical content through a combination of visual, auditory, and haptic feedback.

Hari holds a Doctorate in Spatial Informatics with focus on Blindness Accessibility. He has extensive professional and academic expertise across several domains such as user research, assistive technology (AT), human-computer interaction & Cognitive Psychology. His skillset lets him dig deep into spatial statistics, spatial analysis and reasoning, image processing, and multimodal interface design. Prior to UNAR Labs and graduate studies, he was a senior software engineer at Capgemini Consulting and recently he also worked for IDEXX Laboratories as an User Experience Researcher.

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