James Demer



James Demer built an 18 year career as a location audio mixer for TV and Movies. This job required constant physical and strategic risk taking and allowed him to hone his skill through failure and success.

James spent all of his time working “on location” (not in a studio) and some of his credits include The Academy and Cannes Film Festival Award winning “Bowling for Columbine”, Sundance Award winning and nominated for four Academy Awards “Winters Bone” starring Jennifer Lawrence, and 11 seasons of the TV show Survivor.

Together Zac Brown and James Demer have built a high tech workshop in Peachtree City, Georgia and are proudly building what they believe is the best sounding, most durable portable speaker available.

“I’m always on the hunt for gear that makes my life easier and helps enhance my adventures,” says Zac. “I carry my DemerBox with me everywhere I go, it’s super tough and sounds amazing.”

“Zac and I both value giving people an outstanding experience,” said Demer. “With over 20 years of professional audio mixing and Zac’s incredible talent as both a touring and recording impresario, we’ve come together to introduce DemerBox to a much larger audience, while still proudly building each DemerBox by hand in the USA.”

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