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Jordan Milne


Hardshore Distilling Company

Distilling alcohol is not for those who seek instant gratification.

It took four years for Jordan Milne to perfect Hardshore Original Gin, the only spirit he sells out of Hardshore Distilling Co. in Portland.

He’s distilling a bourbon that he may or may not sell to the public, but it won’t be ready for seven or eight years.

It also took him four years to put together a plan for the distillery and two years to build it.

He started selling the gin a year ago.

After that, though, things happened fast.

Hardshore Original Gin was named the nation’s top gin by USA Today, as chosen by a readers’ poll and a panel of experts.

Milne said the honor underlined what the intention was years ago when he first decided to distill gin — to create a gin that is “very versatile, very distinctive and people like it.”

Milne wasn’t a gin expert when he first became interested in distilling, he was a bourbon man. But his father-in-law liked gin. “I thought, ‘If Chuck likes it so much, I’ll try to make it.'”

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