Ken Greenleeaf

Business Advisor

MaineStream Finance

Based in Rockland, Ken Greenleaf has served Business Advisor for MaineStream Finance since 2010, working closely with businesses all along Midcoast Maine both individually and through group-focused programs such as Top Gun and a class he designed called “The Hatchery.” MaineStream Finance is a nonprofit lender serving small businesses throughout Maine through advisory services and debt capital, particularly specializing in gap and startup financing. Before joining MaineStream Finance, Ken was a sales and marketing manager where he worked with businesses ranging from small operations to large chains. He has also managed an Internet development firm creating enterprise web sites for a wide variety of clients. He started and ran a small high-end renovation company in New York City. Besides his background in sales and business, his work experience includes building musical instruments and commercial fishing. Greenleaf is also an artist and writer, and has written regular columns in the past for MaineBiz magazine, the Portland Newspapers, and the Portland Phoenix. One of his clients called him the Swiss Army knife of small business.

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