Steven Buck

City Manager

City of Sanford

Steve Buck became Town Manager of Sanford in August 2012 and City Manager on January 1, 2013, when Sanford became Maine’s newest city. Before coming to Sanford, Steve served as city manager in Caribou, Maine for twelve years. He has worked on such large scale projects as the Eastland Superfund Site, Howes Corner Superfund Site, numerous local road projects, landfill closures, municipal building and school construction, and the construction of the first leg of the North South Highway in Aroostook County, specifically 4.5 miles of limited access highway through the City of Caribou.

Prior to being employed as a City Manager, Steve was self-employed in a multi-generational agricultural operation and founded a marketing, warehousing, and east coast distribution corporation for agricultural products. While self-employed, he served for 16 years as an elected official as well as on numerous State and local boards. He has also served on the Board of Directors for two Maine hospitals and has founded and consulted on a number of municipal ambulance services. Steve has served on the board of Sanford Regional Economic Growth Council since 2012 and also serves on the Board of Directors for Southern Maine Health Care.

In 2017, Steve was awarded the Linc Stackpole Manager of the Year Award from the Maine Town, City and County Managers Association. The award is given to a Public Administrator who has contributed to the public management field in some outstanding fashion.

Under his leadership, the City of Sanford has taken a progressive approach to economic growth, with a focus on fostering beneficial public-private partnerships like the Sanford Airport Solar Project – a utility-grade solar installation is being built by a private company on land it is leasing from the Sanford-Seacoast Regional Airport – and the SanfordNet Fiber project, an ultra-high speed fiber optic network owned by the City that will provide unprecedented internet speed and bandwidth to businesses, schools, hospitals and other anchor institutions.