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Vinko Buble


Backlog Zero, Inc.

Vinko Buble is Co-Founder and CEO of Backlog Zero, a solution for helping startups achieve success faster. Vinko has 20 years of startup experience as a founder and a software engineer and has co-founded several startups. One of his previous startups, Where Inc., was purchased by Paypal in 2011. In his most recent position, Vinko has led the development of industry-leading products used by the likes of Cisco, Symantec, Microsoft, and Amazon. Presently, Vinko mentors businesses as a SCORE Certified Mentor, MCE Top Gun Mentor, and independently as an advisor and board member. As Vinko says, “The world needs problem-solvers like you, tackling big challenges. But the world doesn’t need you to try, it needs you to succeed. Which is hard. Unlikely, in fact. I know, because I’ve been there. Early in my career, I had my share of failures, before joining with and learning from some of the smartest, most effective entrepreneurs anywhere. My biggest successes haven’t come from thinking big, they came from focused, practical action. The key is knowing exactly what to do, one thing at a time.”

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