2019 Women Angels in Training: An Experiential Investment Workshop

Affiliate Event Wednesday | 8:30 am–4 pm | Preti Flaherty, 1 City Center, Portland, ME

Women Angels in Training: an Experiential Investment Workshop targets potential female angel investors and gives them the skills and confidence they need to understand and consider angel investing. By tapping into the economic potential of these angel investors, we aim to increase angel investment in early stage Maine companies. More specifically, we aspire to address one of the challenges faced by many women entrepreneurs – lack of access to capital, by making sure there are more women on the “other side of the table” making investment decisions.

Program Overview

Join us for a full-day immersive workshop to dip your toes into the world of angel investing. The learning-by-doing format will include a case study of two high aspiration female entrepreneurs and their businesses, and an opportunity for women who are interested in early-stage investing to participate in a simulated investment scenario. Investment training will involve a review of the due diligence process, including a review of company financials and deal terms, the presentation of recent research on implicit bias in early stage investing, and Q & A from women who are interested in investing.

Who should attend?

This event is intended for women who are personally considering angel investing within the next few years, although they may not yet qualify as an accredited investor. This is a day of learning that will provide or deepen a general understanding of angel investing.


Attendance is limited, and registration is required.  Registration (and accompanying registration fee) are not included as part of the Startup Maine registration.  

More information and registration available here.