The Business of Aquaculture

Workshop Thursday | 2–3:30 pm | MECA

Building and investing in this area of opportunity

Aquaculture is the fastest growing food production sector in the world. Although it provides more than half of the world’s seafood, here in the U.S. and Maine it lags far behind wild-captured seafood, with plenty of room to grow. For investors and entrepreneurs in Maine, this presents a unique opportunity. As Mainers of all varieties experiment with new ways to make a sustainable living from the sea while helping to preserve Maine’s working waterfront tradition, the question remains: where and how do investors factor into the process?

This session is designed to help build the knowledge and experience needed for those curious about investing in or financing aquaculture businesses. The first component, led by industry expert Sebastian Belle, is designed to outline aquaculture business operations, industry trends, typical business structures, and ROI. Next, panelists from across financial and investor communities will speak to their experiences, including successes and challenges, around commercial relations with aquaculture businesses. The session will then open up for question and answer to address the specific interests and matters raised by those in the audience.

This is a time-efficient way to learn the basics about the business of aquaculture along with some of the unique opportunities and challenges that it offers to investors.