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But I Need Money NOW!

Workshop Friday | 9:30–11 am | Room 209

Things to think about when your business needs cash

This workshop will involve a discussion with a Jim Lacasse, Senior Commercial Portfolio Manager for Bar Harbor Bank & Trust; John Egan, Chief Investment Officer for CEI; Sam Zuckerman, owner of Maine Solar Solutions, and Diane Sturgeon of the Small Business Administration.  We will talk about things to think about when your company needs money and some of the potential pitfalls to beware of.  Real world examples will be given and we’ll answer all those burning questions you’ve always had and never had anyone to ask!

Feel free to forward any questions or topics you’d like touched upon in advance to if you’d rather not ask them in front of the group.  We will keep names confidential if questions are emailed in advance.

Topics to be discussed are:

  • What banks and credit unions are really looking for
  • Loan structure options
  • What to do if a lender says no
  • Options that sound great, but are risky to you and your business