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Capitalizing on Emerging Markets: Marijuana

Workshop Saturday | 2–3:30 pm | Osher

Maine Marijuana Startup Opportunities

As Maine prepares to launch its adult use marijuana marketplace, many entrepreneurs are curious about the economic opportunities this new market offers.  The market for adult use marijuana in Maine is estimated to be in the range of $200 million, when the commercial marketplace is fully up and running.  Adult use marijuana offers opportunities not just for entrepreneurs interested in growing, processing or selling marijuana, but also for a variety of businesses that will support the industry:  software, marketing, web design, interior design, user experience, security, business consulting, professional services and more.

This workshop will discuss how the Maine marijuana marketplace will operate:  what kinds of businesses will be created, what kinds of activities will they engage in, what products will they make and sell and what kinds of services and help will those businesses need?  We will look at the kinds of licenses that will be available and when sales might begin.  We will discuss what it takes to grow and sell marijuana at an industrial scale, and what kinds of products have proved popular in other states.  We will talk about opportunities for businesses that don’t “touch the plant” as Maine’s marijuana system gets up and running.

The presenters are Hannah King, Esq. and Patricia Rosi.  Hannah King is a shareholder in Portland’s Drummond Woodsum and is a leading national authority on marijuana business law regulation.   Patricia Rosi is the Chief Executive Officer of Wellness Connection of Maine, the largest operator of medical marijuana dispensaries in Maine, and is recognized as one of the leading women in the marijuana industry nationally.