Fire Side Chat on Generative AI & Angel Funding

Panel Friday | 2:30–3:30 pm | Cloudport, 63 Federal St., Portland

A fireside chat on Generative AI companies and how to get them funded.


Burak Sezen, Co-Founder and Partner at The 6ixth Event Capital

Burak Sezen is a serial entrepreneur, technologist and investor with a focus on early stage startups.  He co-founded and successfully exited two healthcare technology companies.Burak has invested in various Maine startups since 2019 including two in the healthcare space.  He actively works with the founders on strategy, technology, regulatory compliance and fundraising.Burak is also on the boards of KinoTek IncMaine Center for Entrepreneurs and on the investment committee of the Indus Fund.Burak has a Chemical Engineering degree from Bogazici University, Turkey and an MBA from the University of Southern Maine.

Patrick Adukonis, Red Heeler Sake, Founder

Paddy has always been entrepreneurial, ever since his mom gave him a rake and told him to knock on doors when he was 12. He has experience scaling a handful of startups through Series B and has been involved in some aspect of the fundraising process with all of them. More recently, he has been heavily involved with genAI and how businesses can ethically adopt it. Paddy laid the foundation for the go-to-market strategy at, a company that provides a platform for upskilling best practices.When not consulting, he is homebrewing sake with the goal of making Red Heeler Sake commercially viable by the end of 2024. To do so, he is using generative AI to navigate multiple legal requirements, source vendors that promote sustainability, vet potential investors and provide batch analysis.Paddy was recently called the Indiana Jones of power networking – he is strong-headed, resilient and not afraid to ruffle feathers