Enabling Innovation through Technology

Workshop Friday | 12:30–2 pm | MECA

A technical discussion


Grab your lunch and join us in room # (TBD.) The conversation will run from 1-2pm so attendees have time to grab lunch.

About: This session will discuss the intersection of innovation and technology within a company.

Our three technology leader panelists will showcase how they work through and deploy innovative strategies within WEX. The topics discussed will include: How does technology enable truly innovative efforts? How do we choose technologies to leverage output? What are the goals of an innovative technology team? How can you ensure your culture motivates your team? Who do you need on your team, and what individual traits are highly valued? And from an engineer’s perspective: Why do we need pipelines & automation (within technology), and how Enterprise Architecture (at WEX) enables all teams to be successful.

This session would be ideal if you work in or around the fields of technology or software, or if you’re genuinely curious about the intersection of tech & innovation. This panel will discuss what they are seeing in the innovation/tech space, and what things you need to consider if you want to start a technology company (or work at one).

Come prepared to ask questions and discuss big level topics with these three technology experts.