Fullvinnsla – Turning Waste into Value

Workshop Friday | 2–3:30 pm | MECA

Fully Processed and Utilized

A panel focused on entrepreneurship through utilizing under valued or discarded pieces, using the work being done in the Blue Economy as a case study.

By nature and necessity, those in Scandinavia have become world leaders when it comes to getting the most out of their natural resources. Whether it comes from the sea or the land, modern-day innovation and entrepreneurship taking place in this part of the globe resembles the indigenous mindset of using the entirety of the resource AND thinking about how growing/harvesting that resource impacts the larger system. Take fish for example. Applying the “fullvinnsla” mindset has led to the fishing industry developing commercial uses for the waste that comes from fish processing, and now the skin, bones, liver, stomach, eyes, head, and more are worth far more than the protein that is eaten. Instead of landing more fish to make more money, they innovated! The cultural component can be seen by the willingness of people and companies to work together, a dynamic that yields faster and more holistic growth, the sharing of knowledge and best practices, and the joint development of commercial processes to maximize the value of a resource (ex: a fish processing plant modifies its operations to handle waste in a manner that preserves the integrity of the material so it can be processed further by other companies).