Demystifying How Angel Investors Look at Deals

Workshop Thursday | 10–11:10 am | MECA

Demystifying How Seed Investors Look at Deals

This workshop is designed for entrepreneurs that are beginning to think about raising money beyond bootstrapping and friends & family support. It will cover what angel – or seed – investors will be looking for as they consider investing in your startup. The workshop will provide an overall understanding of the possible sources of startup funding, the role and motivation of seed investors, detail on what they look for when considering investing, and the investment process from application to investment decision. Entrepreneurs will learn how to prepare effectively for presenting to seed investors by understanding what angel investors look for in a pitch. They will also understand how to apply, the screening process, the pitch, and the due diligence process leading to an investment decision.

The workshop will also be helpful for people considering becoming accredited investors of startups.  Prospective seed investors will gain a better understanding of how angel investing works and how investments are made.
Note: Those interested in this session may also want to consider attending “Lunch With the Maine Angels” on Thursday (pre-registration is required!) and attending the MixPo lunch session on Friday.