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Information Privacy & Security Checklists for Startups

Workshop Friday | 11:15 am–12:30 pm | Room 264

Join us Friday for a discussion on information security and privacy issues. Matt Stein, partner in the Intellectual Property Group, at Pierce Atwood LLP, will begin with an overview of the information privacy and security landscape based on current developments, including lessons from the recent Facebook blowback, new laws in the E.U. and how recent federal enforcement action can inform best practices.

Our guest, Keith Rodda, International and Business Development Counsel for WEX Inc., will share some experiences in identifying and analyzing risk for potential target companies.

Andrea Suter, counsel at Pierce Atwood LLP, will moderate the discussion and direct questions from the attendees. We expect nearly everyone doing business will be able to take something away from this discussion. Please come with your questions.

Some topics we will be prepared to discuss are:

  • How and why do you collect personal data from customers and employees, and is that compliant with law?
  • How to decide where to store personal data, and when you use it?
  • Do your marketing efforts comply with applicable laws?
  • Do you have appropriate security measures in place?
  • Do your contracts with vendors who have access to your data adequately protect you?
  • Do you understand your contractual privacy and security obligations to others?
  • Do you have sensible data retention, deletion, and minimization policies that mitigate your risk?
  • Have you taken sufficient steps to protect your sensitive business information?