(1 of 2) Launch your Business Project with Lego Serious Play

Workshop Friday | 10–11:10 am | MECA

Part 1

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® methodology is an out of the box, disruptive and funny innovation tool which manages problems and challenges, as well as encourages collaborative work.

During this workshop, we will EXPLORE, PLAY and BUILD with OUR HANDS Ideas & Projects, and also enrich ourselves with the diversity of all points of view provided by the attendees.

The vast majority of people prefer visual and spatial approaches to problem solving. In fact, when we use this way of thinking, we tend to be more creative than when we use concepts and words.

If we play with the combination of visual images and physical objects, it is so much easier to generate ideas that could even surprise us!

If you have any IDEA in MIND that you would like to show, if you are worried about a DECISION or if you are interested in looking for NEW OPPORTUNITIES, here is a place to approach the CHALLENGE in a different way to the traditional one.