Port of Origin: Exporting From Maine and New England

Workshop Friday | 11:20 am–12:30 pm | MECA

This workshop session is going to parse out the good—bad—and avoidable pitfalls of exporting from Maine and northern New England. Due to the expansion of a digital economy and infrastructure improvements, businesses are competing at higher levels and moving faster by scale than ever before. As private-public partnerships like the Maine International Trade Center emerge, more Mainers are getting the chance to develop, promote and sell their wares in other markets — whether they’re material goods or not. Even some of our state’s most remote companies still have options to move commodities that range from semi-perishable foods, children’s toys, or content and intellectual property.

This workshop session will be most insightful for people who see themselves as a manufacturer of any variety. There will be allotted time for the audience members to ask questions to the panel.