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She Means Business: The Evolution of Transparent Audio

Workshop Saturday | 11:15 am–12:30 pm | Room 264

Karen Sumner has proven that you can be a high-performing executive and a compassionate leader. Karen started Transparent Audio by importing amplifiers from Norway for the North American audiophile market in 1981. Since then, Transparent has grown into an audio company that designs, develops, and assembles cabling and power conditioning products in Saco, Maine, and distributes them worldwide.

From the start, the purpose of Transparent Audio has been to help music lovers – regardless of gender or interest in electronic gear – create music listening experiences in their homes that help them achieve a “you are there” level of music enjoyment.

As one of very few women in the high-end audio industry, Karen transformed her product category from a small target market into a brand that is more universally appealing while creating a company culture that is more compassionate and inclusive than typically found in the industry.

Come and hear the difference that Transparent leadership makes as Karen and Krystal discuss key aspects of and provide practical tips for starting, scaling, and sustaining a profitable, people-centered business in Maine.