What are the Conference Categories?


  • Keynote: Jennifer Pahlka (Code for America) & Hannah Pingree (Maine’s Office of Innovation & the Future)
  • Keynote: Evan Burfield
  • To B Corp or Not to Be
  • Public Pioneers: Forging Civic Innovation at the Ground Level
  • Government Innovation: Public + Private Partnerships


  • Affiliate Event: 2019 Women Angels in Training: An Experiential Investment Workshop
  • Keynote: Del Johnson and Daniella Reichstetter
  • Keynote: Evan Burfield
  • Demystifying How Angel Investors Look at Deals
  • Organizing and Marketing your Crowdfunding Campaign
  • Affiliate Event: Lunch with the Maine Angels
  • Venture Investment Readiness Awareness Levels (VIRAL) Framework
  • Mixpo: Money, Mentors and Jobs
  • Navigating Financial Resources for Maine Entrepreneurs
  • “Founding” a Startup by Acquisition

Ocean/Blue Economy

  • Keynote: Berta Danielsdottir
  • The Business of Aquaculture
  • Fullvinnsla – Turning Waste into Value
  • Port of Origin: Exporting From Maine and New England


  • Cyber Security and your Business: CYA
  • Understanding and Leveraging Blockchain
  • Enabling Innovation through Technology
  • Demystifying Artificial Intelligence
  • Developing Technology to Serve Traditional Industries
  • Translating Science and Technobabble with Visual Story Telling


Hiring/Company Culture

  • Keynote: Del Johnson and Daniella Reichstetter
  • A Consciously Created Company: Culture and Cohesion
  • Millennials: Hiring and Coaching Maine’s Future Workforce
  • To B Corp Or Not to Be


Entrepreneurship and the Fundamentals

  • Been There, Done That: Avoid Mistakes By Listening to Fellow Entrepreneurs
  • Becoming a Lean Startup
  • 10 Lessons from a Founder
  • Customer Insights as Drivers of Product Development and Adoption
  • Launch your Business Project with Lego Serious Play
  • Bootstrap Your PR to Build Your Business
  • A Lean Approach to Branding
  • How to Take Risks as a Middle Aged Entrepreneur