Welcome to Startup Maine.


Startup Maine is an organization that evolved out of a group of doers, founders, and community members coming together in 2014. Maine has always been a place to have a great family life, and over the past decade it has grown into a place to also do great work. World class organizations, talent, and leaders are emerging throughout the state as professionals and companies no longer need be tethered to large cities and central offices. Technology is democratizing access to resources, and a culture of entrepreneurship and innovation is taking hold.

Startup Maine is a reflection and gathering of this emergent energy through a group of people focused on assembling events that foster an exchange of ideas, knowledge, and action. It is about growing enterprises and changing culture in the region, redefining the conventional wisdom of what an economic center looks like, and what can be achieved outside of major metropolitan areas. It’s about creating community among those making it happen, while curating truly great content and conversations that will raise the bar and inspire you into action, no matter where you live or what you’re working on.

We welcome both “startups” (innovative and high-growth teams, regardless of the size or age of the company) and “creators” (anybody in the business of making things, from physical to digital), and provide an intimate, cutting-edge content, opportunities for applied learning, and the potential for plenty of collaborative collisions.

In keeping with our beliefs of a rising tide lifts all boats, and our commitment to access and opportunity, Startup Maine is majority volunteer run. We’re constantly trying new ideas, and finding new ways to serve the startup community. If you have an idea or want to be part of the solutions, please reach out.

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Contact Us:

Katie Shorey, President: katelyn.shorey@gmail.com
– Contact for general inquiries, sponsorship, press and partnership opportunities