Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition

Panel Wednesday | 12–1:30 pm | US Custom House, 312 Fore St., Portland

Proprietor, Chenmark, New Majority Capital Foundation

Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition: ETA for ALL

Facilitator: Martha Bentley, Proprietor LLC
Panelists and Storytellers:
Allegra Stennett, New Majority Capital
Krista Cole, Sur Lie; Gather Restaurant; Catface Cafe
Trish Higgins, Chenmark

For the last 15+ years, venture-backed, growth-above-all-else Silicon Valley style tech companies have dominated the American economic story, capturing the imagination of popular culture, shifting economic development strategy, and defining what it means to be an entrepreneur. But we are beginning to see a shift. Careful observers note headlines that once highlighted MBAs spurning top investment banking and consulting firms for early-stage startups now focus on those doing the same for acquisitions. This is so-called “Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition” or “ETA” and it is currently having its day at highly ranked business schools like Stanford, Harvard, Wharton, and Babson. The time is now for Maine’s entrepreneurial ecosystem to pay attention to this trend and adapt it for us. The so called “Silver Tsunami” – namely the rapidly progressing demographic shift of business owners moving into retirement age and the attendant business ownership transitions – is also upon us and there is a lot at stake. Locally owned businesses return 3 times the economic impact of non-local or large corporate ownership and Maine is rapidly losing our locally owned businesses of all sizes. Come to our “Entrepreneurship Through Acquisition” session to hear from entrepreneurs who have become business owners through acquisition and to learn about three different models of adapting the ETA approach to different markets – Markets that look more like Maine and less like Silicon Valley. All three of these approaches are designed to be accessible and inclusive and have a positive impact in our communities and on the entrepreneurs who participate. This session is co-sponsored by The Third Place and Proprietor LLC.