Financial Modeling Made Easy 2.0 – A CEO’s Perspective

Panel Friday | 9–10 am | Cloudport, 63 Federal St., Portland

Event Name: Financial Modeling Made Easy 2.0 – A CEOs perspective.

Event Description: Are you a startup refining your financial model? Don’t miss this must-attend session with industry experts Andrew Wood (startup CXO) and Colleen Kavanagh (healthtech CEO), as they share their insights and best practices to effective financial modeling and investor communications. Dive deep into best practices for financial modeling and learn how to answer the most common questions investors ask about your financials and projections. This interactive session will include a hands-on financial modeling exercise. Whether you’re preparing for your next funding round or looking to fine-tune your financial strategy, this presentation will equip you with the tools and insights you need to convey your firm’s value effectively. Join us to transform your financial narrative!