The Startup Maine Entrepreneurs and Ecosystem Builders speaker series!

Startup Maine’s Entrepreneurs & Ecosystem Builders Speaker Series is made possible by our sponsors Bangor Savings Bank, the Maine Technology Institute (MTI), Maine Venture Fund, and our business news partner, Mainebiz.

Sessions will feature thinkers and doers from across the state sharing valuable insights through interactive conversations moderated by Katie Shorey, Startup Maine’s President.   Grab your coffee and join us on Zoom for the virtual sessions.  RSVP here. Watch all of the past sessions here.


Tues. April 27th, 8:30-9:00AM
Chip Terry, Co-founder & CEO of Oyster Tracker

RSVP here.

Upcoming Speakers:

  • May 4: Chris Wolfel, Director of Entrepreneurship at The Roux Institute
  • May 18: To be announced soon!
  • Have an idea for a speaker? Submit here.

Here’s a list of past sessions:

1) Nick Rimsa, Founder of Eariously, Owner of Tortoise Labs, and program designer of the the Propeller program at CEI Women’s Business Center (video recording here)

2) Torey Penrod-Cambra, co-founder and Chief Marketing Officer of Highbyte.
(video recording here!)

3) Kristine Logan,  Director of TechPlace in Brunswick
(video recording here!)

4) Justin Hafner, CEO & Co-founder of KinoTek Software
(video recording here!)

5) Amy VanHaren, Founder & CEO of pumpspotting
(video recording here!)

6) Kristina Cannon, Executive Director, Main Street Skowhegan
(video recording here!)

7) Brian Rahill, Co-Founder & CEO of CourseStorm
(video recording here!)

8) Krystal Williams, Founder & Manager, Providentia Group and Alpha Legal Foundation
(video recording here!)

9) Demystifying Angel Investing: A Conversation with Maine Angels
(Video recording here!)

10) Patrick Breeding, CEO & Founder, Marin Skincare
(Video recording here!)

Have speaker suggestions for the Entrepreneurs & Ecosystem Builders series?
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